Stop the Nazi deployment!

Saturday, 4th June 2011 Nazis are planning to march through Braunschweig. We as the Bündnis gegen Rechts (alliance against fascism) call out for resistance against the Nazis and every other possible form of cheap propaganda. We won’t let the Nazis agitate in an uncontrolled way and distribute their fascist ideas. Don’t surrender the streets to the Nazis – participate in the different forms of protest and activities against the Nazi deployment.

No future for the Nazis – we can stop them!

The deployment on June 4th is particularly provocative because on this day the international festival “Braunschweig International” will take place on the “Kohlmarkt”. This festivity is organised by the cultural clubs and communities in Braunschweig for the migrants living here. Starting at 12 o’clock at the central station the deployment runs under the slogan “Tag der deutschen Zukunft” (Day of the German Future). Since summer 2010 the Nazis are already promoting this “event”, which is part of a campaign of the racist initiative “Zukunft statt Überfremdung” (Future instead of foreign infiltration), supported by militant Nazis from the north of Germany. Under this slogan a Nazi deployment takes place at regular intervals, every time in another city. The last deployment took place on the 5th June 2010 in Hildesheim. Responsible for the coming deployment on the 4th June is the Nazi activist Dieter Riefling. The Nazi camaraderie “Burschenschaft [Fraternity] Thormania”, which attracts attention owing to increased activity, will participate, too. The camaraderie is also in contact with one of the conjectural assailants, who tried to intrude into the youth club of the Falken on July 5th 2010 and thus destroyed the entrance.

Successful blockades and antinomian police operations

In 2005 more than 3,000 people participated in the protests against the NPD- deployment through Braunschweig. Among them were many who were not satisfied by only protesting, but were directly confronting the Nazis and blocking the streets. But instead of stopping the Nazi deployment, the politically responsible persons risked an escalation: By using water-cannons, batons and by closing in hundreds of protestants, the Nazis again were enabled to continue their march by the police. This event and the so called “Braunschweiger Kessel” lead to popular outrage and has been judged illegitimate by the constitutional court afterwards. However, the example of the successful blockade of the Nazi deployment in 2003 in Braunschweig shows a different way of treating the matter. The Police Board then decided to cut short the deployment because of the blocking protestants. After not even one third of their planned route the Nazis had to turn on their heels. In other towns Nazi deployments were successfully stopped as well: the last time on February 2010 in Dresden and on May 1st in Berlin. These achievements were only possible because of the appearance and activity of many protestants from various, corporate, cultural and political groups who, unaffected by their internal differences, wen out in the streets and turned directly against the Nazis.

Demonstration & Aktionen
10 Uhr * KZ-Gedenkstätte Schillstrasse

Wir engagieren uns gegen Rassismus und Aufmärsche von Neonazis! 
Wir treten ein für eine bunte, tolerante, antifaschistische und antirassistische Stadt!

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